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Community Asset Transfer provides local people with an opportunity to turn public buildings and land into vibrant assets that cater to the needs of a specific community.

By entrusting Council-owned assets to communities in this way, we can tap into the full potential of these spaces and unlock numerous social, economic and environmental benefits for everyone involved.

Transferring assets to the community reduces the number of buildings the Council owns, enabling us to prioritise essential services through more effective allocation of resources.

It also supports our commitment to "Supporting stronger and healthier communities" by enabling communities to transforming public spaces into thriving community hubs that better reflect the aspirations of the people they serve.

What is a Community Asset Transfer?

Community Asset Transfer involves the transfer of responsibility of a building or piece of land from the Council to a community-based organisation.

That means if a community organisation thinks it can make better use of property owned by Falkirk Council, it can make a request to either buy, lease, or manage the property.

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) 2015 Act provides community organisations with the right to make requests for Council assets and sets out a clear process to follow.

Applications for Community Asset Transfer are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Who can make a request for a Community Asset Transfer?

Depending on the type of request being made there are two levels:

Level 1

A group requesting the transfer of ownership of an asset must be one of the following:

  • Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation with a least 20 community-based members and a board of trustees elected by the membership at Annual General Meetings, or
  • Community Benefit Society with registered rules and at least 20 members, or
  • Company limited by guarantee with constitutional clauses and a least 20 members with interest in the community.

Level 2

A group requesting to lease, manage or access to an asset should either be one of the groups listed above or a community-controlled constituted group with:

  • a clear definition of the community to which the group relates,
  • the majority of members from that community, whether it be a community of interest or geography,
  • membership open to anyone in that community,
  • a management committee elected by the membership using a democratic process at the Annual General Meeting,
  • a statement of the group's aims and purpose, including the promotion of a benefit to that community,
  • any surplus funds or assets of the body are to be applied for the benefit of that community.

If a group meets the eligibility criteria, they are called a Community Transfer Body.

For comprehensive information regarding the eligibility criteria, please refer to Part 5 of the Community Empowerment Act (Scotland) 2015.

What support is available?

Our Community Asset Transfer team is ready to discuss the possibilities, benefits and the process with anyone interested in asset transfer. You can email them at:

We have also partnered with third sector organisation, CVS Falkirk. CVS can provide additional support and guidance to interested parties including:

  • helping groups develop their ideas
  • supporting and advising groups through the transfer journey
  • building capacity, skills and resilience beyond the transfer

A dedicated £3 million fund is available to support community-led groups interested in asset transfer to assist with energy efficiency improvements and other necessary works, pending suitable business cases.

Additionally, we have recently launched Community Empowerment Grants, which can provide financial assistance of up to £12,500 to support groups in their CAT efforts. For more information about these grants and the CAT process, please visit www.falkirk.gov.uk/ceg.

Finding an asset

We've created an asset register that lists the buildings and land that we own which are available for Community Asset Transfers.

Expression of interest

Once you have located an asset that suits your community groups requirements, you can fill out the Expression of Interest Form.

Community Asset Transfer - Expression of interest form

Interested community groups are not obliged to fill in and return an Expression of Interest form, but it does help the Asset Transfer team when they are discussing your Asset Transfer request.

Once, completed the Expression of Interest form should be returned, along with a copy of your group's constitutional documents, to:

A Community Asset Transfer team member will be in touch to guide your next steps. All forms and associated guidance will be given to the Community Transfer Body (the eligible community groups) as appropriate.

Community Asset Transfer process

There are several stages in the Community Asset Transfer process. To help you gain a better understanding of what is involved, please read:

Our Community Asset Transfer - A guide for communities

More information

If you have any questions about Community Asset Transfer, please contact the Community Asset Transfer team: