To carry out building work including the construction, extension, alteration, conversion and demolition of a building, you may need to obtain a building warrant. If you would like to report unauthorized building works, please contact us in the first instance.

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Making a quality building warrant application: what you need to know

The Scottish Government website provides useful information on making a quality building warrant application: what you need to know.

Apply for a building warrant

Apply online using the eBuilding Standards portal. Useful information and forms are below:

Application to extend period of validity of Building Warrant (Form C)
Fire safety design summary
Notice of finalisation of structural details (Form Q)

There will be a fee for your application based on the value of the works as per the table of fees:

Table of fees

You will need to notify us of the intended start date of the works before they begin by completing a Commencement of Works Notice.

Commencement of work notification form

When the work is completed you will need to send us a Completion Certificate application form along with, if appropriate, a completed Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) calculation and rating. More information on SAP calculations can be obtained from the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Completion Certificate submission form
Temporary Occupation or Use application form
Completion Certificate where no warrant was obtained

A Statement of Sustainability (Sustainability Label) must also be submitted alongside a completion certificate to comply with the regulations. The Scottish Government has setup a Sustainability Label Generator which will produce this for you. This applies to new builds only where Section 7 applies (domestic/non-domestic).

Once you have received your Building Warrant approval, you should consider applying for an address. You can apply for an address by visiting our Street Naming & Numbering page.

Exempt works

Certain types of buildings do not require approval. Buildings falling into this category are listed in Schedule 1 of The Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004. Certain types of works also do not require approval, but do require to comply with the functional standards, are set out in Schedule 3.

If you are unsure if any building work you are planning is exempt from the building regulations, you can request that we inspect works to confirm that the work is exempt from building warrant approval. There is a fee for this service.

Request for Exempt Works Report Form (LCX)
Work Cost
Exempt Works Report £121.00
Exempt Works Additional Site Visits (cost per visit) £93.50

Letter of Comfort

A letter of comfort application will be required for works which have already been carried out without building warrant approval prior to 01 May 2005 or where a building warrant was granted but has now expired, without a completion certificate being issued.

Application for Letter of Comfort (Form LCA)
Application for Letter of Comfort (Form LCB)
Work Cost
Letter of Comfort - where the building warrant for the works has expired (including two inspections) (LCA) £286.00
Letter of Comfort - where no building warrant was issued for the works (including two inspections) - plus an additional fee based on the estimated value of work (LCB) £255.20 + fee
Letter of Comfort - additional inspections (if required) £93.50
Exempt Works report from Building Standards £121.00
Exempt Works additional site visit - cost per visit £93.50
Search fee - works related to Building (Scotland) Act £134.20 per hour
Copy document fee £40.70 per document
Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 Section 50 Certificate £137.50

Making a payment

Payment can be made when submitting forms via the eDevelopment portal. Payment can also be made online or by requesting a call back via the following link:

View building warrant applications

You can search, view and set up email alerts for building warrant applications with our Building Standards Online application .

If you would like to obtain copies of drawings or documentation relating to building warrant applications, please submit a request using our contact email address below. Fees will apply to your request.

Work Cost
Search Fee {works related to Building (Scotland) Act} £134.20 per hour
Copy document fee £40.70 per document