The gathering of evidence is the first key stage in the preparation of the Falkirk Local Development Plan 3 (LDP3) and will involve production of the Evidence Report.

The Evidence Report will be approved by the Council before being submitted to Scottish Ministers for a 'Gatecheck'. The Gatecheck will involve a Scottish Government Reporter checking that the evidence is sufficient to provide a sound basis for preparing the Proposed Plan. Prior to finalising the Evidence Report and submitting it to the Gatecheck, it is important that we establish areas of agreement/disagreement with the evidence amongst key agencies and stakeholders.

Topic papers

To provide a basis for the Evidence Report and to help establish the views of stakeholders on the evidence, we have prepared a number of topic papers covering various areas of evidence. Consultation on the topic papers has now ended but they can still be viewed below:

Economy and Employment Land
Energy, Climate Change and Resources
Green Belt
Green and Blue Infrastructure
Population, Health and Inequalities
Town Centres and Retail
Site Assessment Methodology
Strategic Environmental Assessment Scoping Report
Strategic Flood Risk Assessment
Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Appendix 1 - Local Flood Risk Management Plan Actions

Place profiles

As well as topic papers we are preparing place profiles for our settlement areas which will also feed into the Evidence Report. Communities will also be able to use the profiles as evidence for local place plans. A pilot place profile has been prepared for Denny and other place profiles for the following settlements will be available in due course:

  • Bo'ness
  • Bonnybridge and Banknock
  • Braes
  • Falkirk
  • Grangemouth
  • Larbert and Stenhousemuir
  • Rural North

Early engagement

In 2023 we asked people who live and work in the area to complete an online survey to tell us about their places and how they function. The survey was based on Public Health Scotland's Place Standard Tool and was open for 4 months closing on 30 June 2023. We received over 380 responses from the public.

We surveyed Young People and Children separately as it is important to hear from the next generation whose future will be affected by the new plan.

We have now compiled all comments received and produced a Consultation Feedback Report, which summarises all comments by both topic and settlement area.

Consultation Feedback Report (Autumn 2023)

In addition, we also sought the views of businesses and organisations who have a stake in the area. They were invited to supply information related to their interests which they think should be considered as part of the evidence gathering process.

This early engagement will also contribute to the Evidence Report.