If you live within a controlled parking zone (CPZ) or operate a business that pays the business improvement district (BID) levy within a CPZ you may want to buy an annual parking permit.

The locations of business and residents parking can be found in the permit application forms.

How to apply

A 4 week or annual permit may be purchased by cash, cheque or credit/debit card at the address below.

Purchasers of multiple annual permits will be eligible for a discount at the following rate:

  • 2-10 permits = 10% discount
  • 11 permits or more = 20% discount
Parking Permit (On-Street) One Year Charge
Residents £63.90
Business £342.00

Permit application forms are available below:

Residents permit application form
Business permit application form

Applications should be made to:

Parking permits
Abbotsford House
Davids Loan

Permits are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Should you wish to renew the permit, you will need to submit a new application.