Invest Falkirk is Falkirk's new platform for attracting inward investment to the area.

In conjunction with our public and private sector partners, which include Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise and the local business community, Invest Falkirk brings together all that the area has to offer to promote Falkirk's central position and exceptional connectivity, the highly skilled workforce, the open and clear regulatory environment and the supportive business community.

The aims of Invest Falkirk are to deliver increasing investment, new jobs and prosperity across the entire Falkirk area, to highlight the area's position as an essential part of the Scottish economy and to increase intentional awareness of the unique advantages that Falkirk offers.

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Business events

There is a programme of business events available to help develop opportunities for businesses, update on local and national support programmes and provide networking opportunities.

Some key dates are:

  • Business Update - Friday 13 May 2016
  • August 'Back to School' Business Briefings
    • Tuesday 30 August 2016 (AM)
    • Wednesday 31 August 2016 (AM)
    • Thursday 01 September 2016 (PM)

Tax Incremental Finance

Falkirk Council's £67 million Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) scheme is expected to bring in £413 million in private investment into the area, creating almost 6,000 jobs and hundreds of apprenticeships.

Under TIF, councils fund improvements by borrowing against future business rates income that should be created by the regeneration and development.

The 25 year TIF plan has three phases across Falkirk and Grangemouth. Under the plan, links from the M9 motorway to industrial areas will be improved and 400,000 square metres of business space will be made available.