Chief Executive Office

Chief Executive: Kenneth Lawrie
Municipal Buildings
West Bridge Street
01324 506070
a photograph of Kenneth Lawrie, Chief Executive

Corporate & Housing Services

Director: Stuart Ritchie
Municipal Buildings
West Bridge Street
01324 506070
a photograph of Stuart Ritchie, Director of Corporate & Neighbourhood Services

Responsible for:

  • Policy development and strategic planning
  • Employee relations, recruitment and training
  • Housing management, maintenance and improvement
  • IT services
  • Accounting services
  • Income collection and benefits administration
  • Payment of payroll, pensions and creditors
  • Legal services
  • Democratic services
  • Registrars
  • Elections
  • Licensing
Corporate & Housing Services Service Performance Plan

Children's Services

Director: Robert Naylor
Sealock House
2 Inchyra Road
01324 506600
a photograph of Robert Naylor, Director of Children's Services

Responsible for:

  • Community learning and development
  • Pre-5's, primary, secondary, and special schools
  • Psychological services
  • Services for vulnerable children/young people
  • Criminal justice services
  • Community care services
Children's Services Service Performance Plan

Development Services

Director: Rhona Geisler
Abbotsford House
Davids Loan
01324 504950
a photograph of Rhona Geisler, Director of Development Services

Responsible for:

  • Land use planning, development management, building standards
  • Environmental planning, public and school transport
  • Economic development, asset management, employment & training
  • Waste strategy, refuse collection, street cleansing
  • Facilities, vehicle and grounds maintenance
  • Consumer protection, environmental health
  • Building and engineering design, roads development, roads maintenance
Development Services Service Performance Plan

Social Work Adult Services

Responsible for:

  • Adult Services
  • Adult Protection Services
  • Community Care Services
  • Care Homes
Social Work Adult Services Service Performance Plan