Denny town centre regeneration

Now open

Denny Town Centre's new £7.8m development of 10 shop units, a community library and improved car park is now open with a number of new and existing business trading in their new bespoke units.

The construction phase for the two storey phase 1 building started in April 2015: Clark Contracts have delivered:

  • A new two storey building with ground floor units accessed from Stirling Street
  • A new upgraded car park accessed from Davies Row, with an initial 63 parking spaces (remaining 35 spaces to be completed during 2017)
  • Access to the first floor units and the library from the car park side of the building (reflecting the difference in levels between the car park and Stirling Street)
  • A new Denny Library with community space

Phase 1

The completion of phase 1 will conclude in autumn 2017 with the New Town Square created at the corner of Duke Street and Stirling Street. This will include the introduction of exciting new public art features to the square Town Square and staircase from Stirling Street to the car park. The 5 public art projects were driven by responses to the question "What would you like to see in your town centre?" Following a period of creative engagement the 5 public art ideas were presented to the community and embedded in the master plan for the town:

  • A Sculptural Treasure Trail – a sculpture 'treasure' trail which highlights and tells the story of Denny
  • Railing – the creation of bespoke artistic railings that reflect the local heritage and people of the area
  • The Lazy Corner – This area was historically a social point where locals gathered at the corner for a chat
  • The Staircase – located at the north end of the site, the artist will work directly with the elevation of the stairs to host artistic elements that reflect local heritage aspects
  • The Picture House (Way Finding) – referencing local cinema and picture houses that existed in Denny

Phase 2

We have agreed to remarket the site on completion of the Phase 1 development in 2017.

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Download and view the town centre plans:

Artists impressions
Proposed elevations
Proposed masterplan
Public art presentation