Our Grounds Maintenance teams look after all parks and open spaces owned by Falkirk Council. This can involve:

  • cutting grass
  • weeding shrubs and other planted areas (at least 3 times a year)
  • pruning and hedge cutting
  • trimming and removing trees (if needed to improve public safety)
  • planting floral displays and bedding plants
  • repairing damage to path edges, walls, and fences
  • maintaining cemeteries

This is just a few of the activities carried out by the Grounds Maintenance teams. They manage a large range of other horticultural operations, other repair and maintenance matters and also maintain outside facilities.

The Grounds Maintenance teams are also responsible for regenerating, refurbishing, enhancing and improving the local environment. For example:

  • clearing out overgrown areas
  • replanting trees and shrubs
  • re-seeding and turfing worn grass areas

We also work with others to improve the local environment in many ways. This includes:

  • improving drainage
  • building paths
  • installing new seats and picnic tables
  • fitting new signs
  • establishing wild flower meadows

The Grounds Maintenance teams also get involved in helping prepare for outdoor events which take place in our Parks and Open Spaces.

The Grounds Maintenance teams work is very dependant on the weather and the changing seasons. In the summer they are busy with grass cutting, weeding, and making sure that the public can get out and enjoy our parks and open spaces.

In the autumn their priority is clearing leaves, pruning the summer growth, and making sure our open spaces are tidy. In the winter and spring they concentrate on repairs, environmental improvements, planting, drainage, removing storm damaged trees and dealing with any other problems arising from severe winter weather.