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Tranquillo Therapies is a new business in the Forth Valley area, run by husband and wife team Paul and Claire, offering a mobile massage and complementary therapies service. As stress is a major factor in this modern 24/7 life, being relaxed and re-energised can only be a good thing.

Swedish Massage

Also often referred to as Swedish massage, this form of massage has a beneficial effect on all systems of the body so has a "holistic" effect. It is ideal for relaxation and easing muscle tension from all those day to day stresses of life. We offer full, back, arms and legs.

£30 for an hour

£20 for 30 minutes

Indian Head Massage

Practiced in India over many centuries, this form of massage is perfect for relaxation. Having a beneficial effect on all body systems, the massage is carried out fully clothed in the seated position, massaging the upper back, arms, neck and head. The client is fully clothed during this massage.

£25 for 40 minutes

Crystal Therapy

The use of crystals has been used throughout different cultures for thousand of years. The vibrational energies of the crystals are used to bring energy centres in the body, known as chakras, back into balance. The treatment is carried out with the person lying down fully clothed and the therapist will place selected small crystals in different areas of the body.

Chakra Balance £15 for 20 minutes

Relaxation Balance £15 for 20 minutes

Chakra and Relaxation £25 for 40 minutes


Working on the body, mind and spirit this treatment brings the person into balance by working with the bodies energies. This is a non evasive therapy that can be done lying down or in the seated position. The therapist places their hands on or slightly above specific areas of the body. When a person is in balance their overall wellbeing is significantly improved.

£25 for 1 hour

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