Face to face meetings are to be avoided except for essential purposes. These meetings must be clearly assessed to ensure that they are both;

  • essential and
  • unable to undertaken virtually

Face to face meetings will only proceed where physical distancing and hygiene measures are in place and adhered to.

For these meetings:

  • Desks and chairs that should not be used to maintain physical distancing during meetings should be removed from meeting rooms. Where they cannot be removed, they must be clearly marked as not for use.
  • Rooms should have adequate ventilation (either natural or mechanical)
  • Tables and door-handles as well as any other frequently touched objects should be wiped down using QuestPlus and disposable hand towels
    • prior to the meeting starting
    • at the end of the meeting

Services must inform their employees of which meetings can be held face to face and if they need advice on whether it is appropriate for particular meetings to be held face to face they should contact: