We are following the Scottish Government guidance in relation to work related travel. Additionally, Falkirk Councils Travel Hierarchy from the Driving at Work Policy applies to all work related travel in relation to vehicle use.

When travelling for work purposes, employees must ensure the following controls are implemented for vehicles with 6 or fewer seats:

  • use the biggest vehicle available for car sharing purposes.
  • windows in the car should be opened as far as possible taking account of weather conditions to improve ventilation in the space.
  • occupants in the car, including the driver, should wear a face covering provided it does not compromise driver safety in any way.
  • occupants should perform hand hygiene before entering the vehicle and again on leaving the vehicle.
  • occupants should avoid eating in the vehicle.
  • passengers in the vehicle should minimise any surfaces touched.
  • keep the volume of any music/radio to a minimum to prevent the need to raise voices in the car.
  • keep journey times to the minimum feasible and do not linger in the vehicle before or after the journey itself. Employees who are sharing vehicles as part of their job should take lateral flow tests on the day they will be travelling with colleagues or service users.

Touch points of vehicles with shared users (ie Council vehicles) should be cleaned with anti-viral wipes. These include:

  • steering wheel & controls
  • keys
  • seat belt buckle
  • handbrake
  • gearstick
  • dashboard & radio
  • door handle

Vehicles should also be aired out for at least 2 minutes before and after use. This can be done by opening all windows (or preferably all doors where safe to do so).