Changes to black box items

From 01 October 2024 your black box collection service will change to collections for glass bottles and jars only.

We will no longer collect small electrical items, household batteries and textiles from the black box.

Your black box will continue to be collected every 2 weeks from the kerbside.

Retailers will take back and recycle your old electrical item when you buy a new one, regardless of brand, or whether the item being returned was bought in store, online or via mail order, for more information visit: Recycle your electricals - The retailer take back scheme

Your bins must be at the kerbside or agreed collection point by 6:30am on the morning of your collection day.

We collect up to 8:00pm and the crew may not collect your bins or containers at the same time every collection. A bin and container will not be considered missed until the next working day.

Households who receive an assisted collection must make sure their containers are at the agreed collection point and are accessible for the collection crew.

How do I report a missed collection?

If we miss your bin or container, please contact us within 24 hours of the missed collection. If reported within 24 hours, we will return within one working day to collect your container.

Why has my bin not been collected?

Your bins must be at the kerbside or agreed collection point by 6:30am on the morning of your collection day. If your bins are not put out on time, your recycling and waste will not be uplifted and you will have to wait until your next scheduled collection date.

Bin lids must be closed. The collection crew will not collect a bin or container that is overfilled. Please note that any bags of waste placed next to your bin will not be collected.

Your green bin might not be emptied if it contains material that can be recycled using the food waste caddy, blue bin, burgundy bin, black box, brown bin and textile bag.

Contamination in bins

If your bin contains the wrong materials, the collection team will put a red tag on your bin explaining why it has not been emptied.

Without realising you could be unintentionally putting the wrong things in your recycling bin. This is called wishcycling.

Don't get caught out, it's important to put the right stuff in the right bin. Information about what goes in each of your bins, wishcycling and containers can be found in the what goes in my bins section.

We will not empty bins containing the wrong materials.

It is the householder's responsibility to remove the wrong materials and represent your bin on the next scheduled collection day. Alternatively, material can be taken to your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre where recyclable materials can be deposited.

Should you wish for your bin to be emptied before the next scheduled collection date, there will be charge of £18.75 per bin. To arrange an uplift please call the Contact Centre.

Please note the opportunity to pay £18.75 for an uplift is available as a one-off collection service, and should not be used on a repeated basis for recycling bins.

Missed brown bins

From 01 April 2023, to report a missed brown bin, you will need to provide the unique reference number on your garden waste permit. The unique reference number is detailed on the permit and on the letter sent with the permit.