There are over 90 recycling points available across the Falkirk Council area to help you recycle your waste.

Recycling points offer convenient facilities for householders to recycle glass, cans and textiles.

What you can recycle at the recycling points

Glass (bottles and jars)

  • Green glass
  • Clear glass
  • Brown glass


  • Old clothes
  • Shoes (must be tied together in pairs)

Containers at the recycling points are for glass bottles and jars of all colours.

Please do not use the glass banks for Pyrex containers or drinking glasses.

Recycling points in your community

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Location Materials
Bar 189, Main Street, FK2 JJ Glass


Location Materials
Opposite public house, Main Street, FK1 2NE Glass


Location Materials
Opposite Langlees School, Davids Loan, FK2 7YZ Glass, textiles
Carron Road junction, Davids Loan, FK2 7NS Glass


Location Materials
Bankier Sports Centre, Bankier Road, FK4 1TF Glass


Location Materials
Drum Road, EH51 9QU Glass, textiles
Kinneil Kerse Recycling Centre, Grangemouth Road, EH51 0PU Glass, cans, textiles, car batteries, cardboard, garden waste, oil, scrap metal, textiles, wood
Tesco, Dock Street, EH51 9NG Glass, textiles


Location Materials
Roughmute Recycling Centre, Bogton Road, FK5 0NP Glass, textiles, car batteries, cardboard, garden waste, oil, scrap metal, textiles, wood


Location Materials
Brightons Community Centre, Main Street, FK2 0JT Glass


Location Materials
Community Centre car park, Main Street, FK1 2BW Glass, textiles


Location Materials
Camelon Labour Club, Nailer Road, FK1 4DA Glass
Union Road car park, FK1 4PP Glass, textiles
Recycling Point, Mariner Street, FK1 4LF Glass

Denny, Dunipace and Dennyloanhead

Location Materials
Davies Row car park, Denny, FK6 6DD Glass, textiles
The Songbird car park, Stirling Street, Dunipace, FK6 6JR Glass


Location Materials
Alexander Avenue (bus stop), FK2 9DZ Glass, textiles
Breton Court/Corentin Court, Finistere Avenue, FK1 1UA Glass
Carron Centre car park, Ronades Road, FK2 7TA Glass, textiles
Castle Crescent, Bankside Industrial Estate, FK2 7XR Glass
Dawson Park, off Carronside Street, FK2 7PP Glass
Post Office, Garrison Place car park, FK1 1AA Glass
Greenbank Court car park, FK1 5DS Glass
High Station Road car park, FK1 5QX Glass, textiles
Kemper Avenue car park, FK1 1YX Glass, textiles
Falkirk Community Hospital, Maggie Woods Loan, FK1 5HR Glass
Falkirk Community Hospital, next to Estates Office, FK1 5QE Glass
Falkirk Stadium (opposite car wash), Stadium Way, FK2 9EE Glass, textiles
Maxwell Tower, Seaton Place, FK1 1TF Glass, textiles
Morrisons, Brockville Park, FK1 5BU Glass, textiles
Williamson Street - St Crispins Place car park, FK1 1PR Glass, textiles
Sunnyside Playing Fields car park, Canal Road, FK2 7GT Glass, textiles
Windsor Road (bus stop), FK1 5HD Glass, textiles


Location Materials
Abbots Road car park, Abbots Road, FK3 8JE Glass, textiles
Abbotsinch Industrial Estate, Abbotsinch Road, FK3 9UX Glass, textiles
ASDA Superstore, Off Bo'ness Road, FK3 8TY Glass, textiles
Avongrange Hotel, Kersiebank Avenue, FK3 0EN Glass
Bowhouse Community Centre, Bowhouse Road, FK3 0EU Glass
Bowhouse Hotel, Bowhouse Road, FK3 0HD Glass
Central Avenue (bus stop), FK3 8SD Glass
Estates Management, Earls Road, FK3 8UU Glass, textiles
Grangemouth Sports Stadium, Kersiebank Avenue, FK3 0EE Glass, textiles
Kingseat Avenue (1-179 bin stores), FK3 0AA Glass
Moy Court car park, FK3 0HD Glass
Railway Staff Association for Scotland, Barrie Place, FK3 8QY Glass


Location Materials
Culvain Place shop, FK1 2QH Glass
Glenburn Road (bus stop), FK1 2QU Glass, textiles
Shopping Precinct car park, Islands Crescent, FK1 2RB Glass, textiles


Location Materials
Loch View, Stirling Road, FK5 4AE Glass
North Broomage Social Club, Graham Avenue, FK5 4PF Glass
Scotrail car park, Muirhall Road, FK5 4AP Glass


Location Materials
Mary Street car park, FK2 9PR Glass


Location Materials
Main Street car park, FK2 0LU Glass


Location Materials
Gilston Crescent (bus stop), FK2 0PQ Glass
Grangemouth Golf Club, Polmonthill, FK2 0YA Glass
Greenpark Centre, Greenpark Drive, FK2 0PZ Glass, textiles
Polmont Sports Centre, Salmon Inn Road, FK2 0XF Glass, textiles


Location Materials
Quoit Bar, Main Street, FK2 9YD Glass
Tesco, Redding Road, FK2 9RA Glass, textiles


Location Materials
Main Street (bus stop), FK1 2TD Glass


Location Materials
Bothkennar Community Hall, Newton Avenue, FK2 8NW Glass


Location Materials
Slamannan Community Centre, Station Road, FK1 3EZ Glass, textiles


Location Materials
Playing field car park, Main Street, FK1 2HS Glass, textiles


Location Materials
ASDA Superstore, King Street, FK5 3BF Glass, textiles


Location Materials
Greenbank Place, Cumbrae Drive, FK1 4AQ Glass, textiles


Location Materials
Phoenix Club, Manuel Terrace, EH49 6JG Glass

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is a recycling point?
  2. How do I find my nearest recycling point?
  3. When are they open?
  4. Who do I contact if there is a problem with my local recycling point?

What is a recycling point?

Recycling points are a collection of large containers. They are usually found in car parks and allow you to recycle more items than we collect at your household.

How do I find my nearest recycling point?

Please use the find my nearest search facility to find your nearest recycling point.

When are they open?

Most recycling points are in open car parks so they can be accessed 24 hours a day. We however request you are considerate about the times you use them.

Who do I contact if there is a problem with my local recycling point?

As the recycling points are unmanned, please report any problems by calling