We understand how important choosing the right memorial can be. They are a lasting reminder of a loved one and a tribute to their life.

There are many different types of memorials you can choose from available to families who wish to commemorate their deceased loved ones such as:

  • Memorial bench & plaque
  • Plaque for memorial wall (Camelon Cemetery/Falkirk Crematorium)
  • Memorial tree

Purchasing a memorial bench & plaque

We supply and install memorial benches in cemeteries and memorial gardens in response to requests and on receipt of the appropriate payment. The Council has a procedure which explains the approaches taken in cemeteries and memorial gardens.

Locations for benches can be requested and the nearest available and appropriate site for your bench will be offered and the bench placed there for 5 years.

You can specify the memorial message at the time of enquiry so that your plaque can be inscribed and fixed to the bench.

Plaque for memorial wall

Available Winter 2019.

Memorial tree

Available in limited Cemetery locations.

The memorial tree is between 2.0m - 3.0m high, pot grown and includes planting, staking and maintenance.

What happens next?

On receipt of your enquiry, a Council Officer will contact you to discuss your request.

If you wish to go ahead you will then receive a written confirmation of all agreed details with a request for payment.

On receipt of your payment, we will order and arrange to install your chosen memorial.

Please refer to our fees and charges for costs associated with these services.