Detached youth work

The Detached Youth Work team work with hard to reach and challenging young people in non-structured community settings to help reduce anti-social behaviour. Working with young people in all weather conditions, at unsocial times and in areas and circumstances that may seem dangerous to some people is key to positive outcomes for both young people and local communities.

The team want to make the community a better place for young people to live in by helping them contribute to their community and providing, where they can, new facilities to promote positive opportunities.


Young people aged between 12 and 22 years old can drop-in to the team's X-Pod to take part in activities and to get advice. The X-Pod is a converted steel shipping container that is open at peak anti-social times to provide young people with multi-media experiences, games and workshops on issues affecting them.

To find out what area the team are in this week, please contact us: