The Safety Advisory Group (SAG) has been updated to support the events and festivals sector amid the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and provide a coordinated approach to ensure public safety.

During the SAG process we will collaborate with event organisers and Category 1 responders to ensure that support and guidance is provided throughout the event planning process. We will process your event proposal using the following:

SAG event planning flowchart

Events defined by the Scottish Government are:

"Organised gatherings or activities of limited duration that bring people together for the primary purpose of watching or participating in a community, cultural, commemorative, recreational, sporting, art, educational, entertainment, worship or business experience. This does not include weddings or other family / social gatherings. This also does not include minor sporting events and competitions being organised where there are no spectators permitted."

Guidance on event planning

For overall guidance on event organisation please use the purple guide and the Health and Safety Executive.

The following pages offer more Falkirk specific information:

All guidance will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis in line with Scotland's Strategic Framework.

Vaccine passports

The vaccine passport scheme may affect your event if it is considered a higher risk setting by the Scottish Government. This includes:

  • indoor events (unseated) with 500 or more people
  • outdoor events (unseated) with 4,000 or more people
  • any event with more than 10,000 people

Coronavirus (COVID-19): vaccine certification scheme - information for businesses and event organisers (Scottish Government) gives a full list of criteria.