The latest population statistics for the Falkirk Council area.

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Population estimates - wards and settlements

These documents contain the latest population estimates for the settlements and wards in the Council area.

2017 ward population estimates
2016 settlement population estimates
2017 settlement population estimates

Population projections

These reports contain the latest population projections for the Falkirk Council area from the Registrar General for Scotland.

2016 based population projections

Life expectancy

This report provides information on life expectancy at birth and at age 65 within the Falkirk Council area.

Life Expectancy 2015-2017

Household projections

This report contains the latest projections of the number of households within the Council area prepared by National Records of Scotland.

2016 based household projections

Household and Dwelling Estimates 2017

This report contains the latest Household and Dwelling Estimates within the Council area.

Household and Dwellings Estimates 2017 - May 2018