Your Council Tax bill includes the charges for your water supply and waste water collection services from Scottish Water.

Scotland's water is vital to our everyday lives, and Scottish Water is responsible for caring for it.

Scottish Water is publicly-owned, and they invest every penny into protecting the nation’s most precious resource. The charges you pay allow Scottish Water to operate and improve water and waste water services and infrastructure in communities across Scotland.

These charges apply to every household which has a connection to the public water supply, the public waste water network, or both.

Your water and waste water charges will be shown on your Council Tax bill, even if you receive Council Tax Reduction. Some Council Tax exemptions and discounts will also apply to these charges, such as single occupancy or if you are a student.

For more details about Scottish Water water & waste water charges and to view a copy of the 2023/24 Scottish Water Unmetered Household Charges leaflet visit

To find out more about Scottish Water, their customer charter and keep up to date with what they are doing in your area, you can contact their Customer Helpline free 24/7: