There are many Housing Options available to you. We can offer you advice and support to help you find the right information and a suitable solution to your housing needs.

You may also want to consider help to stay in your home or even help to move home. More information about this is available below.

Helping you stay in your home

Moving home

Older people moving home

We recently completed a Moving Assistance Project in partnership with Outside the Box. The project was developed to help people learn more about their housing choices. It also helped us gain a better understanding of what older people need and what would help them achieve that.

The project carried out a wide range of consultation with older people asking what would help them with their housing choices. It revealed that people take a long time to make a decision about moving house although after having finally made the move people said "that they wished they had done it sooner".

The following guides, available on the Falkirk Moving Assistance website, were developed to help people make decisions on their housing choices. They cover:

  • Do you want to move or stay
  • Choosing the house that is right for you
  • Recycling and de-cluttering
  • Making the move
  • Hints and tips for family and friends
  • Service Directory

If you would like to discuss your housing options we can offer you a Housing Options interview at your local housing office. This will be with our housing staff.

To book your interview or for further information please contact your local Advice and Support Hub.