The Caledonian System is an integrated approach to address domestic abuse by men towards a female partner or ex-partner. It works with men convicted of domestic abuse related offences to reduce their reoffending and improve the lives of women, children and the men.

The Caledonian System comprises:

  • The Men's Service – a programme of work lasting at least two years comprising preparation and motivation sessions; a groupwork programme of 26 sessions and post group work.
  • The Women's Service – safety planning, information, advice and emotional support to women partners and ex-partners.
  • The Children's Service – ensures the needs of the children whose parents are involved with the Caledonian System are met and their rights upheld.


The man is assessed to ensure his suitability for the programme. The programme assessor collects information on his pattern of offending, risk of re-offending, impact of his offending and his motivation to change. A programme assessment report is submitted to court outlining the man's suitability for the programme.

Referrals to the programme

Men are referred to the programme if they have been convicted of offences involving domestic abuse. Referrals are taken from Sheriff Courts and Criminal Justice Social Work Teams.

The Caledonian System in Forth Valley is delivered in partnership with the Forth Valley Accredited Programmes Team (FVAPT); Sacro Groupwork Services; Falkirk, Stirling and Clackmannanshire Criminal Justice Social Work Services. FVAPT also manages the Women and Children's services.