What is climate change?

Climate Change is when traditional weather patterns change significantly.

Climate Change is no longer a long-term issue, it is happening now and its consequences are being felt by people and wildlife around the globe. The Earth has already warmed by an average of almost 1°C in the past century. As the planet continues to warm, scientists tell us that extreme and unpredictable weather events will be more frequent, a trend we are already beginning to see.

It is widely accepted that the most influential causes of Climate Change are due to human activity on the planet, especially burning fossil fuels, such as oil and gas, farming and deforestation. This can be in the materials we use to live our lives eg fuel for our cars and trips abroad, to the food we eat eg meat (particularly beef) being the most intensive food production on the planet.

The main problem with Climate Change is that the systems which regulate our planets temperature are delicate and the balance is easily upset. This means that ecosystems which depend on certain weather patterns cannot cope with the speed at which these weather patterns are changing, leaving animals and plant life struggling to survive.

What is Falkirk Council doing about climate change?

In Falkirk Council we have a team dedicated to monitoring and reducing where possible, Falkirk's impact on Climate Change.

Some of our recent actions to tackle climate change include:

  • Non-domestic Energy Efficiency Scheme (LED lighting to several school, leisure and SW buildings, micro CHP installations, Solar PV installations)
  • Street lighting LED replacement
  • Refurbishment of heating systems
  • Solar PV projects
  • Council-wide ban of single use plastics
  • Double glazing upgrade
  • External wall insulation
  • Behaviour change projects incl. fuel efficient driver training
  • Installation of EV charging points
  • Launch of Falkirk Active Travel Hub
  • Numerous biodiversity and peatland restoration projects
Sustainability update

More information about the Council's actions can be found under the following links:

Carbon Management Plan 2015 - 2021