We rely on energy for everything from powering our devices, heating our homes, schools, offices and fuelling our vehicles. However, this comes with both financial and environmental costs, including contributing to climate change. To keep the benefits that energy use provides us with, while reducing these costs, we can:

  • Improve energy efficiency so that less energy needs to be used to get the same or improved results, for example, improving building insulation and installing energy efficient lighting.
  • Transition to cleaner sources of energy, for example, using renewables rather than fossil fuels.

What are Falkirk Council doing on Energy?

  • We are continually improving the energy efficiency of council owned buildings, such as our operational estate and our council housing, by improving insulation measures and installing renewable energy technology, such as solar panels.
  • We look to ensure that all new buildings and refurbishments in the Falkirk District meet energy efficiency requirements and that energy generation is appropriate through planning and building standards.
  • We are working on reducing our reliance on fossil fuels for transport, including investing in electric vehicles and electric charging infrastructure for Council fleet.
  • We have replaced all street lighting to low-energy LEDs.
  • We work with partner organisations to support local organisations and communities to improve how they consume, and where relevant, produce energy.

You can find more details on the Council's actions regarding energy in our annual Public Bodies Climate Change Reports.

You can find more information on the latest from Falkirk Council in news articles related to energy.

See the Publications tab to view our key policies and resources relating to energy.

Local Heat & Energy Efficiency Strategies

Scotland’s approach to energy is changing and we want to make it easier for people to find help, advice and support relating to energy efficiency improvements. A project from Falkirk Council is underway to support local communities on their journey to a low-carbon Falkirk.

Falkirk Council are working to produce a Local Heat & Energy Efficiency Strategy, in line with Scottish Governments guidelines. This strategy will outline how we decarbonise heat in buildings to become more energy efficient within the Falkirk Council area.

Have a look at our interactive map to see how you start saving energy.

What can I do to reduce my energy consumption?

  • Actions that you can take to reduce the amount of energy you use, ensuring that your home is comfortable, while making financial savings include:
  • Behavioural changes such turning off light switches, closing doors and curtains, even in rooms you aren’t in.
  • Investing in building improvements, such as insulation and energy efficient appliances, which will save you money (financial support such as grants and interest free loans are often available for these).
  • Switching energy supplier

For the most up to date advice and support available see Decarbonise Falkirk, Money Saving Expert, Go Compare, and Home Energy Scotland.


The publications below relate specifically to the Council’s work regarding energy.

These are published every financial year giving an overview of everything Falkirk Council does in relation to climate change, which includes actions relating to energy.