The Tenancy Sustainment Service is available to anyone living in the Falkirk Council area.

Run by Wheatley Care the Tenancy Sustainment Service can help people stay in their own homes, prevent homelessness and advise people on their housing options.

The Tenancy Sustainment Service can:

  • Support first time tenants, homeless clients and people leaving supported accommodation to prepare for a permanent home
  • Offer advice and assistance to those setting up home
  • Help people to maintain their tenancies and prevent homelessness

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is housing support?
  2. Who can get housing support?
  3. How can I get housing support?
  4. What happens next?

What is housing support?

Housing support aims to help tenants to manage on a day to day basis in their own home or in temporary accommodation. It does not help tenants with personal or social care activities such as shopping or cleaning, but support staff can make referrals to other services for you. The following list is not exhaustive but housing support can advise and assist with:

  • Re-housing options and resettlement
  • Maximising income and budgeting skills
  • Addressing rent arrears
  • Arranging minor repairs
  • Preparation for independent living
  • Referral to specialist services to meet health, financial or social needs
  • Managing correspondence
  • Accessing furniture and applying for additional funds
  • Accessing services in the local community

Who can get housing support?

Housing support is available to individuals and families who meet any of the following criteria:

  • Over 16 and living in the Falkirk area
  • Living in a council tenancy, private rented tenancy or Housing Association property
  • Living in temporary accommodation
  • Under the threat of homelessness
  • Living in a home that you own

How can I get housing support?

If you feel you need housing support, you can contact us or Loretto HA directly.

01324 503600

You can also contact the following services, who can make a referral for you:

What happens next?

Once we receive a referral, we will complete an assessment with you to make sure that you are eligible for the service and agree with you, what support you need. Wheatley Care will create a support plan for you which will be reviewed regularly so you are always getting the support you need.