The Scottish Housing Regulator regulates registered social landlords (RSLs) and local authority housing and homelessness services to protect the interests of:

  • tenants and their families
  • people who are homeless
  • owners who receive services from social landlords
  • Gypsy travellers who use official sites

You can find more information about how the Regulator works on their website. They publish information about how they plan to work with each landlord, including Engagement Plans and Annual Assurance Statements, and you can read more about our Housing Service.

The Regulator also has a National Panel of Tenants and Service Users, which anyone who uses our services can take part in.

Scottish Housing Regulator are looking for tenants and other service users to join their National Panel. National Panel membership is open to all users of social landlord services, and they want to include as diverse a mix of service users as possible. Sign up now for a chance to win £50.

Scottish Social Housing Charter

The Scottish Housing Regulator requires us to report our performance against the Scottish Social Housing Charter. This is a series of indicators which show how well we are performing.

We must provide the Scottish Housing Regulator with our Annual Return on the Charter (ARC) by the end of May each year.

The Regulator publishes a summary report on our Charter performance in August each year. This report sets out our performance against key selected Charter Indicators that tenants told the Regulator matter most. Our most recent report is below:

Scottish Housing Regulator Landlord Report 2017-18

The Regulator also produces an annual Engagement Plan for each landlord in Scotland, and ours is available on the Scottish Housing Regulator's website.

We publish a detailed report on the Charter for tenants and other customers by the end of October every year. This report reflects what tenants have told us they want to be reported on, and how they want it reported. Our Landlord Reports are available below:

Landlord Report to Tenants 2018
Landlord Report to Tenants 2017
Landlord Report to Tenants 2016
Landlord Report to Tenants 2015
Landlord Report to Tenants 2014

You can use the comparison tool on the Scottish Housing Regulator's website to see how each landlords performance compares with last year. This tool also allows you to compare different landlords against each other, as well as the national average.

The Scottish Social Housing Charter is all about telling tenants how we are performing. We hold events each year that give you a chance to talk to us about your housing services, for example housing quality, maintenance and your neighbourhood. Please drop in for a chat and a cuppa:

Event Starts
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How you can help improve your housing service

You can help improve your Housing Service by sharing your ideas and experiences with us. If you would like to know more, you can get involved or contact your local One Stop Shop/Advice and Support Hub.

Tenant Satisfaction Survey

We carry out large-scale tenant satisfaction surveys regularly, to find out how satisfied you are with the service we provide. The most recent survey was carried out in December 2018, by a company called Research Resource. The results of this are published below:

Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2018 Report