Kiran's story

Kiran Akbar

After taking an extended break from work to raise her 3 children, Kiran Akbar decided it was time to get back into employment. Kiran noticed a post on our Employment and Training Unit (ETU) Facebook page that offered the opportunity to gain training as well as employment and got in touch. After deciding business admin was the best suited career path for her skillset, Kiran started a training programme that helped build her confidence and skills.

Due to the pandemic, Kiran's access to digital devices became difficult as her children were now also learning from home and all using the same devices. To allow Kiran to continue her training more comfortably, ETU provided Kiran with an iPad through Connecting Scotland funding. After completing the training programme, Kiran successfully interviewed for a Modern Apprenticeship position with Paragon Housing Association.

Kiran's enthusiasm and work ethic quickly made her a valued member at Paragon Housing Association and she is constantly impressing her supervisor with her can-do attitude.

Kiran explains:

I am delighted to have gained further skills and have the opportunity to improve my English, which has resulted in me securing a job with training. I gained the confidence to show my abilities and knowledge to Paragon Housing and can now transfer these skills into my current role.

Fiona McFarlane, Principal Officer at ETU explains:

This past year has been challenging, particularly for parents who have had to care for their themselves and their families during the pandemic. ETU is focused on supporting parents who are looking to start work or who are working but may need some support to progress further in their career. Whether it's undergoing certificated training, starting a job or work experience, or taking part in formal volunteering, ETU considers your own personal circumstances and works with you to build a plan that is best suited to your needs.

Fiona continues:

You may be eligible for support if, like Kiran, you're a parent out of work, or a parent of a large family, or of a disabled child. There are many qualifying factors, so it's worth looking at ETU webpages where you can access more information.

To find out more about the Parental Employment Support Fund (PESF), or any of the programmes offered by ETU, contact the team:

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