Lucy's story

Lucy Jewell and Lauren Brown

When local girl, Lucy Jewell, showed real interest in doing a graduate apprenticeship, her employer got on the phone to our Employment and Training Unit (ETU) to find out how this might be possible. Lucy already had a place at Aberdeen University, but the uncertainty of Covid-19 restrictions made her, understandably, very unsure of moving so far away from home.

Through discussions with ETU, Lauren Brown, owner of Sister and Misters, found that Lucy was eligible for funding to help with wage costs in the first 12 months. In addition, Lauren made contact with Strathclyde University to discuss its graduate apprenticeship programme.

As Lauren explains:

Lucy was already working in the business on a part-time basis and I could see what an asset she was to us. I was keen to help her develop, she's very capable and this is a great way to support a local young person as well as grow our online presence and add new skills to the Sisters and Misters team.

Sarah McCulley, Service Manager at ETU explains:

Young people are facing many challenges in the middle of this pandemic, particularly as they try to enter the labour market. ETU is meeting these challenges head on, delivering against the Scottish Government targets set out under Young Person's Guarantee. This aims to offer every young person aged between 16 and 24 the opportunity to study at university or college, take part in an apprenticeship programme, take up a job or work experience, or participate in a formal volunteering or training programme according to their own personal circumstances.

To find out more about Young Person's Guarantee, or any of the programmes offered by ETU, contact the team:

Employment & Training Unit