You need to apply for extended hours to your premises licence if you wish to sell alcohol during hours that are outwith your current core hours. You can only extend the core hours of the premises in connection with either:

  1. a special event or occasion to be catered for on the premises
  2. a special event of local or national significance

Extended hours have effect for the period granted by the Licensing Board; however, the period of grant can be no more than one month. It is important to note that extended hours are for ad hoc occasions and that any events or occasions that take place regularly on your premises should be incorporated within your Operating Plan.

Examples of events which could be considered special or significant:

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Charity fundraisers
  • Christmas and New Year Celebrations
  • Local and National celebrations

Each application will be treated on its own merits.

How to apply

The extended hours application form is available for download:

Application for Extended Hours
Guidance notes on Extended Hours

Your completed application form and fee should be sent to:

Extended hours during the festive period

The Board's Statement of Licensing Policy details their approach to general extension of hours over the festive period:

Statement of Licensing Policy (November 2023)

Generally, the festive period will now begin mid-December and end on 02 January the following year (event to start on 01 January) and a general extension of hours on certain dates during the festive period will be granted by the Board each year.

For 2023/24, the Board determined to grant a general extension of hours on the dates below: (please note this is the date the event commences)

  • Friday 15 December 2023
  • Saturday 16 December 2023
  • Friday 22 December 2023
  • Saturday 23 December 2023
  • Sunday 24 December 2023
  • Monday 25 December 2023
  • Tuesday 26 December 2023
  • Friday 29 December 2023
  • Saturday 30 December 2023
  • Sunday 31 December 2023
  • Monday 01 January 2024

The general extension will allow nightclub premises to extend their terminal hour for the sale of alcohol to a maximum of 4am and all other on sales premises to a maximum of 2am. Any premises that are open beyond 1am must comply with the late night opening mandatory conditions.

The general extension of hours will apply to on sales premises only.

Any premises requiring extended hours for dates that are not covered by a general extension must make application to the Licensing Board at least 5 weeks before the event(s). Such applications will be determined by the Licensing Board after consideration of the following:

  • the hours applied for
  • the nature of the event
  • if, and what type of entertainment is being provided
  • if, and what type of food is being provided
  • if the event is part of a larger, festive programme.