You are required by law to display certain notices within your premises.

You must display:

  • the Summary of the Premises Licence in a position where it can be seen by your customers
  • a Section 110 Notice at every point of sale where alcohol is sold
  • an access notice to tell customers if children and young persons are allowed to be on the premises (on sales only).

Staff training

To serve alcohol you must either have a personal licence or have received 2 hours training. Your personal licence or a record of your training must be kept on the premises at all times so it can be inspected by a Licensing Standards Officer or a police officer.

Challenge 25

Download a Scottish Challenge 25 poster from Retail Of Alcohol Standards (RASG).


Section 110 Notice
Children & Young Persons Access Notice (not allowed on the premises)
Children & Young Persons Access Notice (allowed on the premises)
Staff training records