Licence summary

    Under Section 58 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984, it is an offence to deposit building materials on and/or erect staging or scaffolding on or over part of any road, without the permission of the Roads Authority.

    The placing of Tables and Chairs or Goods for Display on the public footpath also requires a road occupation permit under Section 59 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984.

    It should be noted that the terms 'Road' encompasses the carriageway, footway or verges of any road and includes public footpaths and cycle tracks.

    Eligibility criteria

    No provision in legislation.

    Regulation summary

    Application evaluation process

    Conditions will be attached to a consent.

    The Transport (Scotland) Act 2005, Section 19, requires Roads Authorities to co-ordinate all occupations within the road boundary. All occupations on the road must be registered by the Roads Authority and the Scottish Roadwork's Register (SRWR) to ensure that conflicts are minimised.

    Will tacit consent apply?

    No. It is in the public interest that we must process your application before it can be granted.

    If you have not heard from us within a reasonable period, please contact us.

    How to apply

    An application must be made at least 7 days in advance of the proposed date of erection or deposit and accompanied by the appropriate fee outlined below.

    Where locations are determined as traffic sensitive, applications must be made 35 days in advance in order to comply with advance registration requirements and SRWR. Late applications will be charged a late application fee.

    Please note: if you are seeking authorisation to excavate the carriageway or footway, please complete the Minor Roadworks Consent application form below. This cannot be completed online.

    Description VAT Cost
    Section 85 - Skip occupying a public road No £29.30 per week
    Section 56 - Footway Crossing (dropped kerbs) No £35.10
    Section 56 - All other alteration or excavation in a public road No £159.20
    Section 61 - All installations of private apparatus in public roads No £159.20
    Section 58 - Road occupations per location No £84.90 per month
    Section 59 - Tables and Chairs or Goods for Display on the public footpath - first application No £111.50 per annum
    Section 59 - Tables and Chairs or Goods for Display on the public footpath - renewal of current permit No £77.00 per annum
    Supplementary charges for Roads Permits - eg Charge for Traffic Sensitivity, Late Application Fee, Retrospective Charging No £31.90 each
    Temporary Traffic Regulation Order application No £769.30
    Temporary Traffic Lights application (where specific approval required) No £74.30
    Temporary Traffic Lights extension to the above application No £39.90
    Operational change to permanent traffic light (off/on) No £212.20
    Operational change to pedestrian light (off/on) No £212.20
    Out of Hours uplift charge (50%) No £106.10
    Unauthorised display of goods No £77.30
    Unauthorised tables and chairs No £77.30

    Apply online - New Applications

    Apply online - Renewal or extension of permits

    Minor Roadworks Consent

    You must have our permission before starting works on a public road. The term 'road' includes the carriageway, footway, the verges of any road and any remote public footpaths or cycle tracks. Please read the guidance notes below.

    Minor Roadworks Consent - Application form
    Minor Roadworks Consent - Guidance notes
    Minor Roadworks Consent - Standard conditions

    Failed application and licence holder redress

    Please contact us in the first instance.

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