The Community Choices process is assisted by an Advisory Panel, drawn from a wide range of backgrounds:

  • 9 community representatives – one from each Council Ward

  • 4 from the local charity and voluntary sector

  • 4 representatives from Falkirk Council and the Health & Social Care Partnership

The skills, local knowledge and experience of Panel members are invaluable.

The role of the Panel is to assess and evaluate the place-based capital bids, to ensure that they meet the criteria set out for Community Choices – that projects should aim to make Falkirk, fairer, healthier, more connected and more inclusive. In doing so, the Panel considers all proposals objectively and impartially.

Importantly, the Advisory Panel doesn't decide which bids go forward to the public vote. Nor does the Panel offer one-to-one support to individual bidder organisations or community groups. Rather, the Panel will advise bid organisations on how to improve their bid to make it the best it can be. This might include referring bid groups to external support - for example in the third sector.

Join the Panel

If you are interested in becoming an Advisory Panel member, please email: