Community Choices is the name of our participatory budgeting programme.

Through a public vote, participatory budgeting offers a democratic way for local residents to have a direct say in how public money can be used to address their priorities and invest in local, community led projects.

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We are working alongside Falkirk Health and Social Care Partnership to deliver Community Choices – a fund of over £3M to be invested in local community projects, created by local groups and voted for by local residents. The fund is divided across Falkirk Councils 9 electoral wards.

We believe that communities know what's best for themselves – and what they need to improve the quality of life for residents where they live. Community Choices wants to capture that local ambition and aspiration. Community Choices allows communities encourages local people to become involved in delivering activities and social infrastructure that are important to them.

There are 2 types of funds you can apply to:

Community Choices – Tenants' Choice

This new Award called Community Choices – Tenants’ Choice is open for applications from 04 July 2022 until 08 August 2022.

This Award Scheme is funded from rent payers' money and is open for Falkirk Council tenants to apply for up to £2,500 from the Community Choices - Tenants' Choice Award for projects that will improve the lives of tenants.

Projects can include, for example, community gardens or allotments; buying IT equipment that helps people engage digitally with services; provide play facilities for children or young people; purchasing equipment that helps deliver community activities etc.

For more information Contact Housing Services Community Engagement Team:

Community Choices – What’s next?

Look out for the next phase of Community Choices which is due to open again for Small and Capital Grants after the Summer 2022.

How do I apply?

Email us at the address below for a Project Proposal form: