There are 7 projects seeking funding in Bo'ness & Blackness.

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Place-Based Capital Projects

Newton Park Community Hub

Newton Park Association Limited
Requested funding: £44,671

Newtown Park Association began a process in 2012 to regenerate and improve Newtown Park for the benefit of the Bo'ness Community. The 1st Phase was to provide a 3G artificial grass pitch with floodlights which could be used by the whole community. This was successfully completed in September 2019 at a cost of £700k and is in use seven days per week. NPA are now progressing with Phase 2 which is to provide a new purpose built 800 square metre Community Hub at Newtown Park that will provide a much-needed range of facilities and services to meet the needs of not only the local area but that of Bo’ness as a whole. The concept design and specifications have been prepared by an experienced architectural design team based upon information collected from local consultations. To progress the Hub the NPA need to make a funding application and achieve detailed planning approval.

The Best Day of the Year

Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival
Requested funding: £14,041

Bo'ness Fair brings the Bo’ness Community together; bringing visitors into the area and the ability for our ex-pats all over the world to watch the ceremony via our IT links.

We want to make 2023 a special year making the Fair more sustainable by buying large items instead of hiring them. We would like to buy stages, a marquee and banners. Buying gives us the opportunity to facilitate more community and fundraising events.

We ask the Bo’ness people to please vote for us so that we can continue with our tradition of delivering THE BEST DAY OF THE YEAR.

Redevelopment of Community Hub Building

Bailliefields Community Hub
Requested funding: £28,000
This is a Falkirk wide project

The funding would allow us to redevelop existing buildings to provide a 'Place for All' for the whole of Falkirk. This building would support our Falkirk Wide dementia group in association with Alzheimer Scotland and also provide both a Post Diagnostic Information Course for people living with dementia and their carers, and a weekly follow up Dementia Café.

It will also be fully accessible and a great place to welcome our Central Scotland disability group which already attracts people from all over the region. This would allow us to bring together enhanced provision pupils from Easter Carmuirs PS, Langlees PS, Victoria PS, Larbert PS and Maddiston PS in a place where they can feel comfortable and supported.

In addition, it will provide more opportunities for pupils from Braes HS to have real world experience of working with different people and to support the sendProgram disability work with Falkirk HS.

Small Grants

Audio Visual Improvements

Bo’ness Public Primary School Parent Council & Teacher Assoc
Requested funding: £5,000

Effective AV equipment is essential to allowing the school to maximise learning potential and output. current school AV equipment requires significant teaching time and resource to set up, resource which could be better utilised elsewhere in the provision of education. Currently, the speakers sit on the floor of the gym hall, creating a Health and Safety risk, and risk of accidental damage during lunch or PE. This project seeks to improve the existing set up, mount speakers, projector, and screen to the ceiling with a protective casing, mitigating risk of damage. The installation of a simple control panel would allow senior school pupils to develop digital skills and engage with running of the assemblies. This would permit additional learning opportunities for all pupils, freeing up teaching resources for educational output. This improvement would additionally allow the Parent Council to hold more events in School.

Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival Medals

Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival
Requested funding: £5,000

Bo'ness Fair Day as we know it has been the same format since 1897. The people of Bo’ness have viewed the crowning ceremony of the113 elected schoolgirls who were chosen as the Fair Queen from the various schools in Bo’ness. The festival was cancelled 12 times due to WWI, two Depression years and WWII. In 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic the procession was cancelled, and the crowning ceremonies were held behind closed doors. 2022 at short notice from the Scottish Government we were granted permission to hold the Fair near to normality as possible.

Cancer Patient Free Transport Service

Bo’ness Cars 4U
Requested funding: £5,000

In 2019, 8 residents came together to set up Bo'ness Car 4U. We offer this free service to those who are diagnosed with cancer and need to travel to Larbert, Glasgow, Edinburgh, or Airdrie for that treatment, often for multiple sessions. The patients come from Bo’ness, Blackness and Philipstoun. Averaging a round trip of 75 miles which would be an extremely expensive undertaking by bus, train, or car. These patients are referred to us by the 3 General Medical Practices of Bo’ness, who by reason of ill health, age, disability, financial hardship, or any other disadvantage are unable to go on their own.

Development Funding

Bo’ness Amateur Swim Club
Requested funding: £5,000

As a club we are looking to support and develop both our coaches and participants. In order to ensure that the quality of coaching we are delivering is of a high standard, we would like to invest in our coaches and put them through a series of Continuing Professional Development courses, which in turn will help further develop the participants who come along to our sessions. To help keep our participants costs low during the current cost of living crisis, we would like to subsidise the cost of our annual club championships and training camps to ensure that they are accessible for all who attend and to ensure they continue with the sense of belonging that these events can bring.


Voting has now closed. The results will be announced shortly.