2024 Summer School Holiday Food and Activities Fund has now closed

The aim of the fund is to support local organisations deliver activities and food to children and young people from low-income families across Falkirk during the Summer school holiday.

  • Funding of up to £3,000 is available.

Who is the funding intended to reach?

The funding for the 2024 Summer School Holiday Food and Activities Fund targets school-aged children and young people, with a particular emphasis on those who are likely to face disadvantages due to ongoing poverty.

The priority groups identified by Fairer Falkirk's analysis of national and local data include:

  • School-aged children (5 – 14)
  • Young people (14 – 19)
  • Large families (3 + Children)
  • Lone parents
  • Care Experienced Young People
  • Kinship Care Families
  • Priority areas


It is anticipated that applications may exceed the available funding. Considering this, and in addition to the existing criteria attached, applications which deliver against the below points will be prioritised.

  • The project must represent good value for money, with a balance between costs and the quality of activities.
  • The project must have activities that cover a minimum number of 5 days throughout the Summer holiday.
  • The project must have a structured schedule of activities with a priority given to projects that include regular activities.
  • The project should be open to external participants.

We will give more consideration to those applications that demonstrate a strong capacity in terms of resources, such as the staff involved and venue, and from groups that have prior experience in long-term initiatives.

Fair Work First

Moving forward, all organisations receiving public sector grant funding must comply with the Scottish Government's Fair Work First Guidance. This will apply to organisations receiving funding through the School Holiday Food and Activity Fund.

Please review the guidance and confirm if your organisation is compliant with the following:

  • Payment of at least the real Living Wage
  • Appropriate channels for effective workers' voice
  • If you do not currently meet this, then you can request an exemption. If you are not compliant, then please confirm this and tell us the reasons why an exemption should be granted (for example, you are working towards compliance, or the size of your organisation is such that at present you are unable to comply).

A new section has been added to our application form. Please get in touch with the Fairer Falkirk team if you need help with it or experience any problems.

Receipts and End of Award report

From the 2024 Summer fund, receipts must be provided on request for any significant items of expense which funding has been requested for. By applying for and accepting this funding, you are acknowledging that you understand this and will provide this information at our request.

It is a criterion of grant funding that an End of Award report is submitted, using the template we provide. At the end of the Summer activities, you will be asked to complete the report. Failure to provide information may have a detrimental impact on any future funding applications.

How to apply

When applications are open, you will be invited to complete an online application form.

A guide on how to submit the application can be downloaded below:

Guidance on completing the application form

New limitations on activities that will/will not be funded are applied from 2023 Autumn Fund:

New restrictions - Autumn 2023

Support is available to help you develop your application

Completing your application

For help completing your application, including how you can promote food and activities towards the target groups, contact:

Organising activities

For advice on how to organise activities for children and young people contact:

Capacity building

For help with capacity building, applications and event organising, contact:

CLD Falkirk Council

For help with capacity building, applying for funding, and governance support contact:

Menu ideas and food guidance

For menu ideas, portion guidance, resources, and training to support the food provision of funding, email fv.fvcommunitynutrition@nhs.scot or visit: