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Menus may be subject to change due to the increasing issues with the global food supply chain.

Additional support for learning schools (ASL)

The meal provision in ASL schools is the same as the relevant provision in Primary and Secondary schools.

Breakfast Clubs

Please see our Breakfast Clubs page for more information.


Parents can pay and pre order their child's lunch using the iPay system.

Primary menus are currently loaded on a 3-week rotation. This provides flexibility and allows any menu changes to be made with minimal disruption to parents' preorder choices.

Additional support for pupils entitled to free school meals who are self-isolating

Lunch grab bags are available for any primary or secondary school pupils who are self-isolating and are entitled to free school meals.

Arrangements will need to be made for someone to collect the bags on behalf of those pupils who are self-isolating.

Medically Prescribed Diets

Children and young people may require medically prescribed diets. This can be for a number of reasons, including allergies/intolerances, diabetes and other medical conditions. This policy details our approach in supporting Children and Young People in these circumstances and ensures we have robust measures in place to safeguard pupils, parents and caterers where prescribed diets are requested.

Appendix 1 - Medically Prescribed Diets Form
Medically Prescribed Diets