Supplementary Guidance (SG) offers more detailed guidance and expands upon existing policies and proposals contained in the Local Development Plan (LDP). Statutory SG is part of the development plan, giving it the same weight in decision making as the LDP. It is subject to consultation and must be approved by Scottish Ministers prior to adoption.

There are 17 SGs identified in the LDP, all of which seek to provide more detailed guidance on how particular LDP policies should be applied in practice.

Current Consultation

We are currently consulting on revised SG10 Education and New Housing Development. This guidance sets out the Council's approach to new housing developments which present school capacity issues. The revised draft guidance details new rates for education developer contributions. A hard copy of the revised guidance may also be viewed at Abbotsford House, One Stop Shops and Council Libraries during normal office opening hours.

The consultation was due to close on Monday 22 April 2019, but the closing date has now been extended to Friday 31 May 2019. This is to give people more time to view and comment on the document.

SG10 revised 2019

You can make comments using the online form below:

Alternatively you can send your comments by email or by post to:

Development Plan Team
Falkirk Council
Davids Loan, Development Services, Abbotsford House

Adopted Supplementary Guidance

The following 16 SGs are currently adopted:

SG01 Development in the Countryside
SG02 Neighbourhood Design
SG03 Residential Extensions and Alterations
SG04 Shopfronts
SG05 Biodiversity and Development
SG06 Trees and Development
SG08 Local Nature Conservation and Geodiversity Sites
SG09 Landscape Character Assessment & Landscape Designations
SG10 Education and New Housing Development
SG11 Healthcare and New Housing Development
SG12 Affordable Housing
SG13 Open Space and New Development
SG14 Spatial Framework and Guidance for Wind Energy Development
SG15 Low and Zero Carbon Development
SG16 Listed Buildings and Unlisted Properties in Conservation Areas
SG17 Renewable Energy

SG08 and SG09 Interactive Mapping

Interactive versions of the maps contained in SG08 and SG09 are now available.

SG13 accompanying documents

SG13 Environmental Report
SG13 SEA Statement

SG14 accompanying documents

SG14 Methodology for Community Separation zones
SG14 Environmental Report
SG14 SEA Statement

Supplementary Guidance under preparation

  • SG07 Frontiers of the Roman Empire (Antonine Wall) World Heritage Site

SG07 will provide an updated version of the previous Antonine Wall SPG adopted October 2011 collectively by the 5 Councils along the Wall. Consultation on SG07 is dependent on timescales and co-ordination with the 5 other local authorities.