During times of extreme weather we will continue to collect refuse from households where it is safe to do so. We aim to deliver a full service, but this depends on road clearance.

Our refuse vehicles are extremely heavy and we must consider the risk of injury to the public, damage to property, as well as the likelihood of vehicles becoming stuck and causing more disruption. This could lead to an alternate waste collection service being considered.

The most up to date information on bin collections will be available on our website and on our Twitter account @falkirkcouncil. You can also contact us by phone on:

Depending on the length and severity of snow residents in the Falkirk Council area may prefer to take their rubbish to one of our Waste Recycling Centres.

We have two waste recycling services serving the area. Both centres are open 363 days a year only closing on Christmas Day and New Year's Day. We aim to keep both waste recycling centres open for full service if the refuse collection service is restricted.