There are a few simple steps you can carry out now to help prepare your home for extreme winter weather.

  • Make sure you know where the stopcock for your water supply is located and check that it turns easily. It is usually near where the water pipe enters the house or under the kitchen sink
  • Make sure you know where the isolating valves for the hot and cold supply are and check that you can turn them easily
  • Know how to turn your electricity supply off at the mains
  • Check all your taps to make sure they are not dripping
  • A non-mains powered landline telephone will help you stay in touch during any disruptions to your power supply
  • It is also a good idea to keep a snow shovel and some salt or grit at home to clear paths or driveways.


It is a good idea to check the terms of your household insurance policies. Find out what cover you have for extreme winter weather risks such as flood or storm damage and for the costs of temporary accommodation if your home is not habitable.

There are 2 types of home insurance: buildings insurance and contents insurance.

If you rent a property you should consider taking out contents insurance and check with your landlord about building insurance. Contents insurance covers your household possessions against loss, damage or theft. Items covered by a typical contents policy include electrical goods, furniture, clothes etc.

We advise homeowners to have buildings insurance in case of extreme weather damage. It covers the structure, fixtures and fittings of your home. This covers windows, doors etc.

Falkirk Council has no responsibility to assist council tenants, financially or otherwise, in the drying out or replacement of furniture etc. However, we do offer a Tenant's Contents Insurance Scheme. It provides a simple, financially attractive means for tenants to protect their household effects against loss or damage. Insurance cover is provided by a reputable insurance company and participating tenants pay the premium on a fortnightly basis together with their rent. Details are available at your local Advice and Support Hub.