Prior to 2000 asbestos was used in a variety of building products. These included ceiling and floor tiles, wall boards, electrical insulation, ceiling and wall coatings, pipe lagging and roofing materials. In good condition and undisturbed they present no significant risk.

If these materials are disturbed or damaged in any way there is a possibility asbestos fibres could be released into the air and inhaled. Breathing air with low levels of fibres in it is unlikely to harm your health. When high levels of these fibres are breathed in there is a risk of lung diseases including cancer. There are no sudden changes in health. Diseases can take from 15 to 60 years to develop.

How are we managing the risks?

Our Asbestos Policy sets out how the risks from being exposed to asbestos fibres will be managed on our premises.

Asbestos policy

Services will carry out surveys of all Falkirk Council workplaces, housing stock and leased properties to identify the location and condition of any materials that contain asbestos. Information on the location, type and condition of all asbestos containing materials will be held in a register and made available to Premises Managers.

Any work in our premises that could disturb or damage any asbestos containing materials must not be carried out unless a survey report is available.

Written plans will specify what steps will be taken to manage the risk of exposure and how the condition of any asbestos containing materials will be monitored.

Emergency procedures are in place to manage the disturbance or damage of any materials that contain asbestos during maintenance or refurbishment works.

What to do if you think asbestos has become damaged or disturbed in you workplace?

If you suspect that any material containing asbestos has become damaged or disturbed it's best to leave it alone:

  • Stop working immediately and vacate the area
  • Put up a warning sign and make sure nobody enters the area
  • Report it immediately to the Premises Manager. If the Premises Manager isn't available report it on 01324 504905 or email
  • Check for dust or debris on clothing, hair or skin. Any contaminated clothing should be removed immediately and double wrapped in plastic bags for disposal or specialist laundry. Contact 01324 504905 or email for advice
  • If possible shower on the premises, leave washing facilities clean and change into clean clothing.