Many people spend several hours a day working on computers and display screen equipment (DSE) and are unaware of the health problems they can pose.

Sitting at your desk and carrying out repetitive tasks can have short / long term health implications such as back pain or upper limb disorders (sometimes known as repetitive strain injury (RSI)), visual fatigue and mental stress.

The most effective way of preventing injury is to carry out the DSE module and self-assessment on Olle. If you are still uncomfortable at your workstation, then please talk to your line manager who will arrange for further assistance.

Some simple tips to improve comfort:

  • Look after your body, adjust your equipment not your posture.
  • Avoid staring at the monitor for long periods of time by taking regular short breaks to carry out other tasks away from the monitor.
  • Ensure you have access to:
    • clean desk, with suitable lighting to carry out your work
    • a foot rest if you are unable to place your feet on the floor
    • adjustable monitors/podiums to ensure eyes are level with the top of the screen
    • a flicker and glare free screen
    • an adjustable chair, with good back support, to make sure you can sit comfortably whilst working
    • a separate keyboard (unless the task makes it impracticable).

Remember to adjust your equipment and desk whenever you move to a different location.

When you arrive at work make sure you adjust your chair and peripherals to suit you so you are sitting in a comfortable working position.