Reporting work related incidents is an important step in managing the risks from our work activities. It gives us an opportunity to learn from what has happened and take action to stop it happening again.

What is an incident?

An incident can be any unplanned or unexpected event that either caused or could have caused:

  • personal injury
  • ill-health
  • damage to property, plant or equipment
  • any loss in productivity

What do I need to do?

Any incident involving employees, contractors, service users or members of the public must be reported using the EVOTIX Assure Portal.

This includes near misses where no one was injured but could just as easily have been under slightly different circumstances.

Near misses often go unreported but are just as important to report as they can help avoid situations that might otherwise cause someone harm.

Incidents are valuable learning events and using them to improve the safety of our employees and others is our goal.

Health & Safety Executive

There is a legal requirement to report certain types of incidents to the Health and Safety Executive. This information helps them see where the more serious risks are so they can work with organisations to prevent them happening again.

Guidance on what incidents are reportable and how to make a report is available on the Health and Safety Executive's website.

Accident & Incident Reporting Policy

Accident and Incident reporting policy

If you have any questions about which incidents should be reported to the Health and Safety Executive, or incident reporting in general, you can contact the Health, Safety & Wellbeing Team