Falkirk Council aims to improve the health and wellbeing of its employees. We recognise that smoking is detrimental to all who are exposed to tobacco smoke.

This policy assists the Council in promoting the health of its workforce and meeting our statutory obligations. This Policy aims to:

Promote the health of our employees by supporting those who wish to quit smoking

Implement Smoke Free premises and grounds across all Council operated properties

Reduce the health impacts of smoking and second-hand smoke to people using Council operated facilities

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Policy Statement

Falkirk Council is committed to maintaining as far as possible the health and safety of its employees and all those affected by its activities. The Council recognises the health risks associated with smoking and will ensure a smoke-free working environment.

The Council will achieve this by prohibiting smoking within our operational buildings and also the grounds associated with these buildings.

Falkirk Council will support all employees who decide they would like to quit smoking by offering appropriate guidance and support.


This policy covers all Falkirk Council owned or leased premises and workplaces as well as the surrounding grounds. Additionally, this policy applies to any vehicle being used Council business and any Council owned vehicle at any time.

Smoking is not permitted in these areas or within the grounds of Council operational premises. This includes:

  • Council operational buildings
  • Car Parks and vehicles parked on Council grounds
  • Break areas & toilets
  • Schools
  • Vehicles (Council or private) being used on Council business
  • Any Council owned vehicle at any time

For the purposes of this Policy, the definition of smoking includes all tobacco-based products as well as nicotine vapour products (electronic cigarettes) regardless of their contents.

This policy applies to:

  • all Falkirk Council employees and Elected Members
  • all visitors, customers and service users with the exception of residential homes for the elderly (where appropriate, a smoking area will be provided in designated areas solely for residents who may face extreme difficulties in giving up smoking)
  • all contractors and visitors to Falkirk Council premises.

Working from Home

Whilst employees are encouraged to quit smoking, those employees working from home are not required to refrain from smoking during the course of their work in their home, unless they invite others into an area of their home for work purposes or during times when they are participating in work meetings virtually.

Letting of Facilities/Buildings

Where the Council lets its facilities or part of its facilities/building to an outside body, the terms of the legislation and Smoking Policy will be clearly stated and the policy will apply to that body for the duration of the let. It should be made clear that non-compliance may impact on the let continuing.

Employee Support

Falkirk Council will support all employees who wish to quit smoking. This will be done by:

  • Operating smoke free grounds to reduce exposure to smoking
  • Signposting to smoking cessation services
  • Working with partner organisations to improve access to smoking cessation services where appropriate
  • Displaying appropriate signage to indicate where Smoke Free Grounds are in effect

Roles & Responsibilities

All line managers with staff responsibility shall ensure that all employees are:

  • informed of the policy and how it will be implemented and applied;
  • informed that failing to adhere to the controls set out in the policy will be viewed seriously and will be dealt with in accordance with the Council's Disciplinary Procedures; and
  • reminded that unauthorised absence from work (e.g. leaving the workplace without permission for smoking or other purposes) is viewed as misconduct;

Fleet Services will ensure that:

  • no smoking stickers are affixed within Council vehicles prior to being provided to Services
  • no smoking stickers are checked and replaced where necessary during MOTs and servicing of Council vehicles

Premises Manager shall ensure that:

  • adequate signage is erected across the premises indicating that smoke free grounds are in effect.

Employees shall ensure that:

  • they comply with the requirements of this policy at all times
  • where they are responsible for welcoming or meeting visitors or customers and contractors, that they are made aware of this Policy
  • they do not smoke during paid work time and dispose of used cigarettes and vaping products responsibly


Under existing legislation fines may be issued to individuals smoking within buildings, individuals permitting this to occur and failing to display smoking signs.

The Council will also seek to provide advice and support to employees who breach this policy in the first instance, in line with the above section on Employee Support. Repeated and deliberate failure of any employee to conform to the requirements of this Policy may give rise to disciplinary action.

Where smoking is taking place in contravention of the legislation this should be reported immediately to the manager or any other person in control of the premises.

All employees will help to ensure compliance by bringing the legislation and Policy to the attention of the person smoking in a non-confrontational manner. The potential difficulty of enforcing the policy is acknowledged and staff will be given the full support of all line and senior managers.