Blackness Primary School is a non-denominational primary school situated within the rural village of Blackness, which is approximately 3 miles from the town of Bo'ness. The school provides education from primary 1 to primary 7.

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Bus timetables

Champany - Blackness Primary School (service 134A)

The under 22 pass can be used on this service.


Route Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Champany 8:35am 8:35am 8:35am 8:35am 8:35am
Caulcoats road end 8:36am 8:36am 8:36am 8:36am 8:36am
Mannerston 8:38am 8:38am 8:38am 8:38am 8:38am
Blackness Village 8:40am 8:40am 8:40am 8:40am 8:40am
Blackness Primary School 8:44am 8:44am 8:44am 8:44am 8:44am


Route Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Blackness Primary School 3:10pm 3:10pm 3:10pm 3:10pm 3:10pm
Blackness Village 3:13pm 3:13pm 3:13pm 3:13pm 3:13pm
Champany 3:18pm 3:18pm 3:18pm 3:18pm 3:18pm
Cauldcoats 3:20pm 3:20pm 3:20pm 3:20pm 3:20pm
Mannerston 3:23pm 3:23pm 3:23pm 3:23pm 3:23pm

Bus service operated by:

Prentice Westwood


Blackness PS Handbook


P1 enrolment

The start date for the 2022-2023 school year is 17 August 2022.

For entry to Primary 1, parents should submit an online enrolment form. Forms will be accepted from 01 November – 31 December each year for entry to school the following August.

Please see our School places and admissions page for more information.