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St Bernadette's RC Primary School is a Catholic primary school located in Antonshill, which is approximately 4 miles from Falkirk. The school provides education from nursery to primary 7.

Early Learning and Childcare

Early Learning and Childcare is available for five days per week – term time. Each session is six hours usually aligned to the primary school day e.g. 9am to 3pm (+/- 15 mins)

Children are provided with a healthy snack and a 2 course lunch during each session.


Young children learn new things every single day no matter where they are but we know that spending time in a high quality early learning and childcare setting can really boost their all-round development and learning.

You can find out more about early learning and childcare in Scotland by visiting the Parent Club.

Useful information

The Parent Club have a number of helpful pages:

Bus timetables

Larbert - St Bernadette's Primary School (service 601)

The under 22 pass can be used on this service.


Route Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Foundry Loan (Station Hotel) 8:25am 8:25am 8:25am 8:25am 8:25am
The Inches (Burns Avenue) 8:30am 8:30am 8:30am 8:30am 8:30am
Muirhall Road 8:37am 8:37am 8:37am 8:37am 8:37am
Stenhousemuir (Main Street) 8:40am 8:40am 8:40am 8:40am 8:40am
Carron Dams 8:43am 8:43am 8:43am 8:43am 8:43am
Carronshore (Main Street) 8:46am 8:46am 8:46am 8:46am 8:46am
Carronshore (Webster Avenue) 8:47am 8:47am 8:47am 8:47am 8:47am
Antonshill (New Carron Road) 8:50am 8:50am 8:50am 8:50am 8:50am
St Bernadette's Primary School 8:53am 8:53am 8:53am 8:53am 8:53am


Route Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
St Bernadette's Primary School 3:05pm 3:05pm 3:05pm 3:05pm 3:05pm
Antonshill (New Carron Road) 3:07pm 3:07pm 3:07pm 3:07pm 3:07pm
Carronshore (Webster Avenue) 3:10pm 3:10pm 3:10pm 3:10pm 3:10pm
Carronshore (Main Street) 3:11pm 3:11pm 3:11pm 3:11pm 3:11pm
Carron Dams 3:14pm 3:14pm 3:14pm 3:14pm 3:14pm
Stenhousemuir (Main Street) 3:17pm 3:17pm 3:17pm 3:17pm 3:17pm
Muirhall Road 3:20pm 3:20pm 3:20pm 3:20pm 3:20pm
The Inches (Burns Avenue) 3:27pm 3:27pm 3:27pm 3:27pm 3:27pm
Foundry Loan (Station Hotel) 3:32pm 3:32pm 3:32pm 3:32pm 3:32pm

Bus service operated by:

Devon Coaches


St Bernadette's PS Handbook


P1 enrolment

The start date for the 2022-2023 school year is 17 August 2022.

For entry to Primary 1, parents should submit an online enrolment form. Forms will be accepted from 01 November – 31 December each year for entry to school the following August.

Please see our School places and admissions page for more information.