There were three councillors to be elected.

The percentage poll was 44.3%. There were 5,604 valid papers and 99 rejected papers.

The quota of votes for a candidate to be elected was 1,402.

Name of Candidate Party Number of First Preference Votes
David Balfour Scottish National Party (SNP) 1,510
Allyson Black Scottish Labour Party 1,301
James Bundy Scottish Conservative and Unionist 1,030
Judith McLaughlin Scottish Green Party 107
Margaret-Anne Milne Scottish National Party (SNP) 676
Robert Spears Independent 980

After application of the election rules, the following are deemed to be elected as councillors for Grangemouth.

Name of Candidate Party Stage at which candidate has been elected
David Balfour Scottish National Party (SNP) 1
Allyson Black Scottish Labour Party 4
Robert Spears Independent 6


Candidates Votes Per Stage
Declaration of Results
Election Results
Understanding the Preference Profile
Preference Profile
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Returning Officer: Mary Pitcaithly
Date: 5 May 2017