Our Ranger Service aims to protect and promote the local environment. One of our main functions is promoting the Scottish Outdoor Access Code which encourages the public to behave responsibly whilst exercising their rights of access to the countryside.

The 3 key roles of our Ranger Service are:

  • Access - Improving access to local greenspace and path networks whilst promoting responsible access
  • Biodiversity - Promoting understanding and enjoyment of the natural environment and biodiversity
  • Community - Helping you get involved to improve your local community Greenspace.

The team provides environmental education to anyone with an interest in the great outdoors in the form of events, guided walks, talks, information and hands on practical activities.

Some of our forthcoming events and activities can be accessed below:

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Rare predator makes an appearance in Falkirk

Path Warden Scheme

The Path Wardens logo

We are looking for outdoor enthusiasts to volunteer to help keep an eye on your local paths.

As a volunteer Path Warden, you will work with the existing outdoor access team in ensuring paths are accessible and safe. You don't need to be an 'access' expert, you just need to be enthusiastic about exploring your local path network.

It’s also a great way to learn about what cultural, historical and geological features are in your local area and to learn more about local wildlife.

If you're interested, please contact us: