Following feedback from our tenants, Housing Services are happy to confirm that from 10 July 2023 we will be providing a new vermin control (rats) service for all our Falkirk Council housing tenants. This service will be free at the point of use, with costs being covered through rent payments made throughout the year.

This initiative was supported by Elected Members on 12 June 2023 and work has been ongoing to secure the services of a contractor to supply this service. We have now appointed Contego Environmental Services Ltd. (CESL) to provide this for an initial 12-month period beginning 10 July 2023.

Tenants can report issues relating to vermin by contacting us by telephone on 01324 506070 (option 2, 3, 3) or via email to Upon receipt of these reports, Housing Services will instruct the contractor to attend, normally within 2 working days, and commence work to eradicate the infestation. In most cases this can be done so within 3 visits.

This service will be reviewed after 12 months, and we will consult with tenants on the success of the scheme and whether this initiative should continue to be available paid through rent charges.

Please note: tenants must arrange this service through Falkirk Council's Housing Services only to avoid any unforeseen costs to the tenant.