We want to make sure that our residents live in a pleasant, decent, safe and secure environment.

Our Housing Community Estate Team also carry out regular patrols around the Falkirk Council area.

If you are a council tenant, you are responsible for keeping your home, garden and any common areas well maintained. This is set out in your Tenancy Agreement and Good Neighbour Agreement. If you don't do this, we will contact you to discuss what action is needed. We may take action against your tenancy if the situation does not improve.

Estate walkabouts

Estate walkabouts are local events that encourage customers to take a closer look at their own neighbourhoods, and identify areas for improvement with the support of staff from their local Advice and Support Hub. Details of upcoming walkabouts are below:

Event Starts
Sorry, there are no events available

The following are examples of estate issues. Please use the links to find out how we can help you resolve any problems.

Close cleaning

It is the responsibility of all residents of a block to ensure the close is kept clean. The only exception is where we provide a close cleaning service. We charge for this service and you will be told if this applies to you.


You are responsible for keeping gardens and shared drying greens clean and tidy.

If you are a council tenant and we have concerns about your garden, we will ask you to make improvements. We may take action if there no improvements are made and will charge you if we have to do any work to your garden.

If you are not a council tenant and we have concerns about your garden, we will ask you to make improvements. If your garden is causing a nuisance, such as vermin, we may ask Environmental Health to take action. They may charge you for this work.

If you are having trouble maintaining your garden, you may be able to get help from Garden Aid.

Neighbour nuisance

Please report any antisocial behaviour using the contact details on our antisocial behaviour page.

Pest control

If you are having problems with rats, mice or wasps, please contact our Pest Control team.


All council tenants must ask our permission to keep pets. If a barking dog is causing a noise nuisance, please visit our Noise Nuisance page to report this.

Refuse disposal and recycling

We provide a regular refuse collection service and can also pick up bigger items with our bulky uplift service.

Dog fouling

We can fine owners who do not pick up after their dogs. Please visit our Dog Fouling page to find out how to report fouling.

Stray dogs

To report a stray dog, please use the contact details on our stray animals page.

Landscape maintenance

We maintain parks and open spaces. Please visit our parks and grounds maintenance page if you would like to report any issues.


We are responsible for cleaning public areas. If you have litter concerns, please visit our street cleaning page to report these to us.


To report flytipping, please visit our flytipping page.


Our syringe disposal page tells you what to do if you discover a discarded syringe or needle.

Street lighting

To report any street lighting issues, please contact us using the details on our street lighting page.