Taxi fares and other related charges are set by us. Fares set are the maximum that can be charged in the Falkirk Council area.

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General taxi tariff

Effective from 01 December 2023

Tariff 1 - general tariff

  • For the first 880 yards or 293.3 seconds or a combination of time and distance, there is a charge of £3.00.
  • For every additional 171 yards or 57 seconds, or a combination of time and distance there is a charge of 20p.

Tariff 2 - unsocial hours (tariff 1 + 25%)

  • Journeys beginning between 9pm and 6am - £3.75

Tariff 3: Christmas & new year day-time rate (tariff 1 + 100%)

Journeys from:

  • 9pm on 24 December to 6am on 27 December and,
  • 9pm on 31 December to 6am on 03 January

there is a charge of £6.00.

Additional charges

  • Where a taxi has been booked in advance an engagement charge can be made.That charge is: 50p
  • Where a multi-purpose vehicle (mpv) has been engaged in a hire for more than 4 passengers or for items unsuitable for a standard vehicle (not including wheelchair passengers) a charge can be made. That charge is: £5.00
  • Where a passenger’s behaviour results in a vehicle needing to be cleaned, the driver will be entitled to charge a cleaning fee. That fee is: £100.00

These fares are the maximum that can be charged in the falkirk council area.

Any complaints may be made to the taxi driver, the booking office or the licensing section on 01324 501575.

Calculation of taxi fares

The taxi fare is calculated dependent on what tariff is operating.

We have 2 tariffs in the Falkirk Council area and the taxi tariff charged will be dependent on:

  • what time of day it is
  • if it's a public holiday

Taxi fare reviews

By law, we have to regularly review the scale of fares charged. We must conclude our review within 18 months of the new fares coming into effect.

When we carry out a review, we:

  • listen to the views of the representatives of our taxi operators
  • advertise the proposed new fares in a local newspaper
  • invite members of the public to make comments within 1 month of the newspaper advertisement
  • consider any comments that are made
  • advise our taxi operators of the new fares

If you would like more information about how we set taxi fares, please contact us.