Taxi fares and other related charges are set by us. The fares set are the maximum that can be charged.

Current taxi charges

Calculation of taxi fares

  • The taxi fare is calculated dependent on what tariff is operating. We have 2 tariffs in the Falkirk Council area.
  • The taxi tariff charged will be dependent on what time of day it is or if it is a public holiday as stated on the Tariff Sheet. Future holiday dates can be downloaded below:
  • Taxi tariff public holiday dates 2018 - 2020

If you are an operator it is your responsibility to ensure that your calendar meter has future holiday dates programmed in.

By law, we have to regularly review the scale of fares charged. We must conclude our review within 18 months of the new fares coming into effect.

When we carry out a review, we:

  • listen to the views of the representatives of our taxi operators
  • advertise the proposed new fares in a local newspaper
  • invite members of the public to make comments within 1 month of the newspaper advertisement
  • consider any comments that are made
  • advise our taxi operators of the new fares

If you would like more information about how we set taxi fares, please contact us.