An advertisement is any letter, sign, placard or device used to advertise, make an announcement or give a direction.

Advertisements may be illuminated.

Advertisements and signs include:

  • Posters and notices
  • Placards and boards
  • Fascia signs and projecting signs
  • Pole signs
  • Canopy signs
  • Models and devices
  • Advance signs and directional signs
  • Estate agents' boards
  • Captive balloon advertising (not balloons in flight)
  • Flag advertisements
  • Price markers and price displays
  • Traffic signs
  • Town and village name signs

Memorials and railway signals are not advertisements.

Do I need permission?

If you want to display an advertisement or sign, you may need permission.

This depends on:

  • The type of advertisement
  • Where you would like to put the advertisement

We have 2 restricted areas, Bo'ness and Falkirk, where advertisement controls are in place. There are nine conservation areas which are subject to stricter controls.

Please contact us if you need advice and to discuss what you plan to do. We can tell you of any difficulties we see or other things which you might need to think about.

How to apply

You can apply online via the ePlanning Scotland website.

If you would like to submit your application by post, various forms and guidance notes are available to download from the ePlanning Scotland site.

Please read and follow the guidance notes carefully.

You can also email your application to:

One copy of your application should be submitted.

You should also submit two copies of your:

  • Site plan - this plan should show the advertisement location
  • Block plan - if the advertisement is not to be fixed to a building, a scaled plan (not less than 1:500) should show the advertisement in the planned location
  • Other plans - dimensioned drawings of the advertisement and the building it is to be mounted on


You can calculate the estimated cost of your application using ePlanning Scotland’s fee calculator.

For more information, please contact us. You can also read the ePlanning Scotland Guidelines.