Advice for householders and developers from SGN (Scottish Gas) before you start digging

There are a number of risks created by built over gas mains and services; these are:

  • Pipework loading – pipes are at risk from loads applied by the new structure and are more susceptible to interference damage.

  • Gas entry into buildings – pipework proximity increases risk of gas entry in buildings. Leaks arising from previous external pipework able to track directly into main building from unsealed entry.

  • Occupier safety – lack or no fire resistance of pipework, fittings, or meter installation. Means of escape could be impeded by an enclosed meter.

Please note therefore, if you plan to dig, or carry out building work to a property, site or public highway within the Scottish Gas network, you must:

  1. Check your proposals against the information held at LinesearchbeforeUdig (LSBUD) to assess any risk associated with your development and

  2. Contact our Plant Protection team to let them know. Plant location enquiries must be made via email, but you can phone us with general plant protection queries:

In the event of an overbuild on our gas network, the pipework must be altered - you may be temporarily disconnected, and your insurance may be invalidated.

Further information on safe digging practices:

  • Our free Damage Prevention e-Learning only takes 10-15 minutes to complete and highlights the importance of working safely near gas pipelines, giving clear guidance on what to do and who to contact before starting any work.

  • SGN Digging advice